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Trip duration: 6 DAYS
Trip date: 14-02-2018
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XC Training Camp
Paragliding Cross Country coaching at Algodonales, Spain.
Our XC camp is a training week specific for paragliding pilots who want to fly far away. It is an intensive experience for super motivated pilots - of all levels of experience - who share the same goal: to improve their cross-country flights and to come together to create an environment of camaraderie and friendship!

Each day, our pilots learn to design the best XC route with the support of internet tools and the help of an experienced instructor. A coach will suggest daily tasks and flight exercises to improve your capabilities and confidence.

Our XC Training Camp is for pilots at any level; It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner in cross country flights or an experienced pilot with hundreds of flights, we will adapt the training to you. Our aim is that you can achieve your first, or your best, cross-country flight

Personal training and goals: Every day the pilots can choose to fly cross country or to fly locally; in this last case, the instructor will propose some tasks and exercises. We know every pilot is different, so we follow your progression with statistics and set your goals according to your level. No pressure, we are here to have fun!

Real-Time GPS Tracker: for your safety, we use an Android App real-time location tracking service. We can track you in real-time while you are flying!

The good weather and orography of the area make Algodonales a perfect destination to learn or to improve your cross-country flight skills. There are straight-forward cross-country routes, many big areas for landing and the instruction of your coach will make the flights easier and safer to you.

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