Redbull X-Alps

Redbull X-Alps

On July 2nd, the world's toughest adventure race Redbull X Apls has started. Starting in Salzburg, 31 athletes from 21 countries will travel 1,138 km across the Alps to Monaco through 7 turning points in 7 different countries.

Over the years, the race has attracted the world's best pilots. Each participant had to prove that he has experience and achievements not only in flying, but also is characterized by extraordinary mental and physical endurance.

The participants of this murderous race are allowed to travel only on foot or with paraglider, and each of their movements is monitored and broadcasted to millions of viewers. Through constantly changing weather conditions, tactical planning is just as important as the extreme strength required for participation. That is why every athlete has his assistant to help with strategy, nutrition, and so on.

Prior to the main start in SalzburgerLand was a one-day Leatherman Prologue race. Sebastian Huber, Aaron Durogati and Benoit Outters, the top three winners of the Ledlenser Night Pass, which allowed them to race through a mandatory rest period at night. On the second day of the main race, the regular start was delayed for each athlete for the time they completed the Leatherman Prologue against the winners.

We will follow with curiosity the run of the race, wishing the participants success and perseverance.

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